AC Single Aviation Obstruction Light

Product Details

Our aviation obstruction lights have been approved by National Center of Measurement and Test for East China, meeting international standard, and they take the lead in having passed the ISO9001: 2008 International Quality Management System Certificate. At present, the technical indicators are in the forefront of the domestic industry.

Our aviation obstruction lights are developed and produced strictly according to ICAO annex 14, FAA, and MH/T6012-1999 <Aviation Obstruction Lights>. They are widely used in high buildings, communication towers, wind power towers, electrical towers, tower cranes, chimneys, inland channel, bridges, facilities around airports. They not only can be beacon lights for aviation obstacle in the dark, but also beautify the landscape at night.

They use poly acrylic acid Fresnel plastic lens, good performance in UV and aging resistance, beautiful appearance, good safety. Perfect intelligent computer chips make sure the best match of light control, flashing and light cycle, and soft light can avoid the light pollution. The lamp outer covering are made of aluminum alloy casting, as well as watertight structure, small volume, light weight, easy to install.

Sample Technical Parameters





Power supply mode

AC 220V / 50HZ

Power consumption




Flash frequency

20~60 times/min

Light sensitivity

200LX (adjustable)

Light source

HP ultra high brightness LED

Pulse xenon tube (Germany Haman)

Light source life

100,000 hours

100,000 hours

2 x 108 times

Effective light intensity

200 CD

1,600 CD

4,000 CD

Work environment

-40℃~ +70℃

Protection grade

IP 65

Under pan size

Pitch circle Φ103mm acquiesced 4 holes*Φ6mm

External diameter Φ150 mm, Pitch circle Φ120mm acquiesced 4 holes*Φ10mm

Net weight

2 kg

Synchronous mode

Independence or control box

Synchronous signal line

Application scope