Aviation Obstruction Light (single light)

Product Detail

Brief introduction:


JM-BL260 integration type solar aviation obstruction lights have following advantages: PC material Fresnel-lens; aluminum-casted outer housing; good waterproof performance; beautiful appearance; ultra high brightness LED; light-controlled automatic switch (“on” at night or fog& “off” in the daytime); good reliability; adjustable flash frequency; shock resistance; lightning protection; sun\rain\snow\hurricane\hailstone resistance; sunlight resistant aging, and etc.  Flash apparatus is mainly made of high-quality electronic components, long life LED light source and can protect storage battery by power supply overcharge or over discharge. Perfect combination of high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels and large-capacity maintenance-free battery can provide power and energy for the flasher to ensure working continuously for 7 days under the cloudy days. They don’t need any maintenance in three years under the condition of normal working.

They are widely used in high buildings, power and communication towers, high chimneys, large engineering machinery, bridge, exploring wells, ships’ navigation, and runways for airport so as to protect safety of aviation.



Technical Parameters  


FAA classify


Light source


Light color

Red, green, white, amber

Power supply mode

DC: 6V

Power consumption

60 MA

Effective light intensity

> 4.5 km (32.5 cd)

Horizontal beam angle


Vertical light emitting angle


Flash frequency

20times/min (adjustable)

Light source life

>100,000 hours

Light-operated switch controlled illumination


Work environment

-40~ +70

Solar panel

2 W

Working humidity

10% ~ 95% (non-condensing)

Protection grade


Underpan size

External diameter Φ250 mm, Pitch circle Φ220mm equispaced 4 holes*Φ12mm

Net weight

4 kg