LED Solar Aviation Obstruction Light for Tower

GZ-125L / 125M Aviation Obstruction Light


Brief introduction


TGZ-125L / 125M aviation obstruction lights are composed of acrylic 122mm drum type

Fresnel-lens, aluminum-casted battery box and lamp holder, microcomputer controller, ultra high brightness LED or pulse xenon tube, silicon solar battery board, and full sealed maintenance-free battery.


Microcomputer chips as their core control component, supplemented by high-quality electronic components, make up light-controlled automatic switch. They can protect storage battery by power supply overcharge or overdischarge. They are upgrade of common aviation obstruction lights.


They have past the detection of Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology (SIMT), which can be widely used in high buildings, power and communication towers, high chimneys, bridge, exploring wells, ships navigation, and runways for airport. They also have the advantages of light-control automatic switch, energy saving, long-life, etc. They can flash synchronously. They dont need any maintenance for 3 years when working normally.


Technical Parameters  





Power supply mode

DC: 12V

Static current

5 MA

Flash frequency

20~60 times/min (adjustable)

Light source

Ultra high brightness LED

Imported pulse tube (Germany Hyman)

Light color

Red, green, white (commonly red)

Effective light intensity

> 5km (T=0.74)

2,000 cd

Light sensitivity

200LX (adjustable)

Battery capacity



The continuous working days under rain and cloud

15 days

12 days

Work environment

-40~ +70

Protection grade


Underpan size

External diameter Φ180 mm, Pitch circle Φ150mm equispaced 4 holes*Φ12mm

External diameter Φ200 mm, Pitch circle Φ170mm equispaced 4 holes*Φ14mm

Net weight

8 kg

15 kg