Telecom Tower

Telecom Tower
Product Details

Product Detail

Product Description
1. High quality
2. Low cost
3. Simple installation
4. Life and high
5. Steel tower structure

Steel tower structure:
1. We are specialized in different - series tower (voltage level consumers 10kV - 750kV), such as power transmission tower, steel tower, microwave towers, television tower, etc, production manufacturers.
2. Packing: Packing according to user requirements is strong enough to withstand rough handling, and ensure the quality of products.
3. We have abundant funds, strong technical strength, stable supplies of raw materials and an efficient enterprise leadership, guarantee the stipulated time delivery.
4. Experience: Our products are sold throughout the country, and even the east Asia, southeast Asia and Africa, and other countries and regions
5. Certificate: Fangyuan mark authentication, quality, environment and health system authentication; Environmental management system certification: ISO 9001: ISO 14001: 2004, 2008
6. Testing equipment and facilities: Mechanical property testing equipment
Description: Mechanical properties test equipment is used to test the bending strength and tensile strength of the raw material.
7. Automatic five elements analysis instruments
Description: Automatic carbon, sulphur, manganese, phosphorus and analytical instruments.

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