Full Automatic CNC Punch Machine For Steel Plate

Product Details

During the manufacturing of the iron tower in the electricity transmission industry and the structural products in the fields of architecture and bridge-building, there are large quantities of joint plates which are needed to be punched, drilled and marked. This product is the special device to accomplish these works.

①This product has separate hydraulic power system and electrical CNC system, both of which are under centralized control.

②The body of the machine uses Type C double-plate jointing structure with the advantage of rigid, compact size, light weight and spacious operating space. The hydraulic system uses electromagnetic reversal valve as main device, which is assisted with some miniaturized system of cartridge units, its structure is simple and easy to use and maintenance.

③Biaxial CNC feeding worktable is connected with the main machine which can realize the precise positioning at random place of the working area and fulfill the working of punching, drilling and marking. Clamping of plate can help to position the original coordinate and relocate the place, which ensure the process precision of single work piece and the exchangeability of the same work piece. 

④There are one working position of marking, two positions of punching and one position of drilling, which allows to the process of multiple specifications and apertures. Convenient dismantlement and accurate positioning enable to diminish the dwell time and mould adjustment time largely and to improve the work efficiency.