Roll Forming Machine For Colored Roof Panel PPGI GI

Product Details

A. Profile

B. Main Technical Parameter

1.Rolling specifications:

Width: 210,260,310,373,473,573,673,733mm

Thickness: 0.8mm

2.material: steel sheet, yield strength ≤300 Mpa

3.Forming speed: 12-15m/min

4.Forming stations: 16 stations

5.Type of drive: memorial archway type chain transmission

6.Material of rollers: No.45 steel ,hard chrome plated

7.Material of shaft: No.45 steel with treatment

8.Main motor power: 5.5kw

9.Hydraulic power: 5.5kw

10.Type of cutting: hydraulic drive, plate punching

11.Cutting type: hydraulic drive, cut after forming and flang

12.Material of cutting device: CR12

12.Frequency: Panasonic

13.PLC system: Panasonic

14.Computer operation board: 7 inches of KUNLUN passty

C. Main Structure and Characters

The flat type machine is a single roll forming machine with a variety of width and specifications. The machine is composed by 5T decoiler, guide feeding device, peritoneal roller, flat cutting device, main forming machine, PLC controller, hydraulic station and output tables.

1. The single-adjusted machine adopts roller on both sides of body machine, one side fixed, while one side movable to change the width quickly such as (210,220,359…733mm)

2. The machine adopts flat cutting process, change the size without changing the cutting molds.

D. Flow chart

Decoil ----- guide feeding ---- two roller conveyer ---- punching ----- roll forming ---- cutting after forming ---- output