Air Barrier Lights Show The Outline Of The Structure

The aviation obstacle lamp is the special lamp which identifies the obstacle. The function is to show the outline of the structure, so that the aircraft operator can judge the height and contour of the obstacle, and play a warning role.

The aviation obstacle lamp generally divides into the low light intensity, Aviation Obstruction Light the medium light strong and the high three kinds, the aviation barrier lamp vertical and the horizontal distance is larger than 45 meters construction and the facility, may the three kinds of barrier sign lamp may cooperate with each other to use.

The Air barrier light is different from the general purpose incandescent lamp, because the air barrier light is not always bright but shiny, low light strong aviation obstacle lamp for steady, medium light strong aviation obstacle lamp and high aviation obstacle lamp for flash, flash frequency not less than 20 times per minute, Aviation Obstruction Light not higher than 70 times per minute. The function of the aviation obstacle lamp is to show the outline of the structure, so that the aircraft operator can judge the height and contour of the obstacle, Aviation Obstruction Light and play a warning role.

According to state regulations, the top of the high-rise building above 45 meters above the ground must be set up air barrier lights. Therefore, many buildings at the top are equipped with air barrier lights, but we live in the common aviation in the obstacles such as low light intensity, light intensity and high three kinds, Aviation Obstruction Light they are based on different heights of the building installed.

General aviation barrier Lamp installation standard is, 45 meters from the ground below, often bright red glow. Aviation Obstruction Light The area around the open space should be set low light strong air barrier lights, white flash. 105 meters above the ground 150 meters below the use of light strong aviation obstacle lights, white flash.

Because the aviation barrier light is also kind of aviation indicator, so they generally have high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, stability and other advantages, lamps and lanterns in the installation of the distance to transmit antenna more than 2 meters, Aviation Obstruction Light and as far as possible to avoid strong radiation, so as not to affect the normal work and communication lamps.

The purchase of the aviation obstacle lamp, need to pay attention to the following several aspects:

First: Whether the aviation barrier lamp has the civil aviation permit. The production of aviation obstacle lamp should be strictly controlled, therefore, whether the manufacturer of aviation obstacle lamp has the strength of developing and producing obstacle lamp, Aviation Obstruction Light which is the congenital factor of determining the quality of aviation obstacle lamp. And with research and development of the production of obstacles to the enterprise, CAAC will be given a qualification certificate, such as the Guangdong Ying Air Photoelectric Equipment Co., Ltd. is the China Civil Aviation certification of the barrier lamp manufacturers.

Second: Barrier lamp packaging, any opinion products factory must do a thing---packaging. Therefore, we can also use the barrier lamp packaging to determine whether the selection of good air barrier lights. Aviation Obstruction Light Regular manufacturers of packaging has its own brand, LOGO, carton clean and tidy, no unpacking traces, through the naked eye can be judged whether after two times packaging.

Third: The basic parameters of the barrier lamp. The technical parameter is a description of the related technical parameters of an aviation obstacle lamp. However, for the layman, Aviation Obstruction Light many technical parameters do not understand its meaning, but by identifying some simple parameters can also see the quality of the product: such as waterproof grade, dust level, impact resistance, working temperature and so on.

Generally speaking, the choice of the obstacle lamp is best to purchase through the regular enterprise. However, this does not mean that regular manufacturers of aviation barriers to the production of lights must be good, after all, no matter what kind of products or which production enterprises, Aviation Obstruction Light defective or will exist.