Aviation Obstruction Lights Play A Warning Role

Aviation Obstruction light (Aviation Obstruction light) according to national standards, the top of its ground above 45 meters above the high-rise buildings must be set up aviation obstruction lights. In order to be different from the general purpose of the lighting, the aviation obstruction light is not always lit but shiny, low light strong aviation obstruction light is always bright, medium light aviation obstruction lights and high light strong aviation obstruction light for the flash, flash frequency is not Less than 20 times per minute, Aviation Obstruction Light no more than 70 times per minute. The role of the aviation obstruction light is to show the contours of the structure, so that the aircraft operator can determine the height of the obstacles and contours, play a warning role.

How to choose the light of strong aviation obstruction lights?

At present, the quality of aviation obstruction lights on the domestic market is uneven, low light and strong aviation obstruction light technology is not difficult, Aviation Obstruction Light so the purchase is also simple.

And in the light of aviation obstruction lights, the national standard in its strict optical requirements, Aviation Obstruction Light there is a certain technical difficulty, the level of enterprise R & D and production there is a certain requirement.

This is a summary of the four points of experience for your reference.

First, look at the LED type, light light can only use more than 1W high-power LED to meet the light efficiency and conducive to optical processing.

(The majority of manufacturers on the market with & Oslash; 5 round LED to produce medium-light aviation obstruction lights, due to power and light effects limit, with & Oslash; 5 round LED actual light intensity is impossible to achieve the light intensity standard)

Second, weigh the weight, LED lamps if the luminous requirements of 2000cd, cooling profiles must reach a certain weight (general heat profile for the aluminum alloy, Aviation Obstruction Light lamp weight should be greater than 4Kg) to disperse the corresponding heat.

Third, look at the power after the light effect:

First, the light in the light should reach the dazzling brightness;

Second, the light emitted by the lamp should be an obvious light band (vertical light angle of 3 °);

Finally, the light band should be coherent, Aviation Obstruction Light rounded, no obvious dark spots.

Fourth, the conditions of the proposal to find a few suppliers to do field comparison, several manufacturers of aviation obstruction lights together to do contrast, the effect will be clear at a glance. Is the so-called "not afraid of missing goods, afraid of goods than the goods."