Aviation Obstruction Lights With Integrated Design

Aviation obstruction lights according to national standards, the top of its ground above 45 meters above the high-rise buildings must be set up aviation obstruction lights. In order to be different from the general purpose of the lighting, the aviation obstruction light is not always lit but shiny, low light strong aviation obstruction light is always bright, medium light aviation obstruction lights and high light strong aviation obstruction light for the flash, flash frequency is not Less than 20 times per minute, Aviation Obstruction Light no more than 70 times per minute. The role of the aviation obstruction light is to show the contours of the structure, so that the aircraft operator can determine the height of the obstacles and contours, Aviation Obstruction Light play a warning role.

The aviation obstruction light is the latest development of synchronous flash assisting lights. Using the latest ultra-low-power GPS module and low-power high-interference multi-line free configuration large-capacity computer chip. Can be widely used in waterways, airport runways, naval training waterways, Aviation Obstruction Light shooting occasions, towers and high demand for urban buildings. The lights are designed in an all-in-one design. All the functional modules are built-in. They do not need to be connected to any other accessories. They can be operated automatically by turning on the power supply. The protection level of the whole lamp is up to IP68. The use of the light and its simple, in a variety of flash frequency range, any of the same flash frequency can automatically achieve the group lights synchronous flash, group lights flash without synchronization and the number of restrictions, Aviation Obstruction Light compared with other synchronous flash beacon lights, Installation more convenient, save time and effort.

Aviation obstruction lights on the application of the realization of aviation obstruction lights synchronized flash of the wireless, aviation obstruction lights between groups without lights can be achieved at the same time flash off:

Aviation obstruction lights installed in high-rise buildings, should be as much as possible to meet the same high-rise buildings on the synchronous flash to highlight the obstacle profile, due to the limitations of traditional technology in the early years, aviation obstruction lights synchronized flash need to add synchronization controller or laying synchronization Flash signal line, my company's latest research and development of GPS satellite wireless synchronous solar aviation obstruction lights, in the aviation obstruction light control motherboard circuit implantation GPS timing module, aviation obstruction light driver to receive GPS satellite clock timing signal, no need to take 220V lighting , No external synchronous flash controller, Aviation Obstruction Light no external synchronization control signal line can achieve global wireless synchronization flashing, thus omitting the aviation obstruction light installation cable and related materials, installation hours, greatly reducing the aviation obstruction lamp installation costs for the domestic industry with the industry Advanced level, and obtain national special patent.