CNC Press Can Realize Automatic Numerical Control

CNC presses from the bow rack, moving plate, the next table, guide pillars, main oil cylinders, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, limit devices, pipelines and other components.

CNC Press machine has CNC crank press, CNC screw press and CNC hydraulic press. CNC presses are also used in injection molding, die-casting and other industries. CNC presses are used for the forming of metallic materials and non-metallic materials. Automotive, train, aircraft, electrical appliances, daily necessities, CNC Press Brake Machine such as metal parts, plastic parts, rubber products need presses and molds can be formed. CNC Press has the function of movement and pressure, can realize automatic numerical control, CNC Press Brake Machine high efficiency and energy saving, high reliability and high quality production.

CNC presses for precision pressure equipment, the use of digital and servo control mode, to achieve the part of the pressure in the process of the pressure head, displacement and speed parameters and accurate control. In the process of pressure installation to determine whether the part of the pressure is qualified, CNC Press Brake Machine to achieve the automatic testing of the quality of the press. Real-time recording, storage of force and displacement data in the process of compaction, and generation of force-displacement curves. The part machining error is detected by additional displacement sensor, CNC Press Brake Machine which is automatically compensated in the process of pressure loading.

CNC presses can be widely used in automobiles, micro-motors, electronics and other industries. Can be used as an independent production equipment, but also as a assembly line of pressure unit and other equipment assembly line, is a new high-performance, high-precision CNC pressure equipment.

The NC pressure function detects the related data in the workpiece pressing process, CNC Press Brake Machine when the allowable range is exceeded, the operator can be prompted to remove the nonconforming product.

The pressure head pressure output, position, holding time and speed can be accurately controlled. Workpiece size deviation can be detected and automatically compensated.