CNC Press Free Maintenance

CNC presses are one of the electric screw presses. It adopts the permanent magnet synchronous servo motor drive control, such as frame, flywheel, screw nut, slider, lubrication mechanism, CNC Press Brake Machine brake mechanism and other mechanical parts and servo motor, electrical control cabinet, Operation button station and other electrical parts.

CNC press performance editing

Used in the refractory industry HLDS series CNC press is the only one can achieve single-stroke high and low speed free transformation, complete simulation of artificial operation of the refractory molding equipment, provincial, CNC Press Brake Machine energy saving, more secure. Its superior performance lies in:

★ refractory molding products of high quality - according to the customer refractory molding products production process, digital settings to combat the number of crackdown and combat speed, etc., to achieve the first light pressure exhaust, after the heavy hit molding, reduce human factors, to ensure that Brick quality.

★ product consistency is good, high pass rate - servo motor control high precision, CNC Press Brake Machine with the batch of brick process parameters consistent circumstances, to ensure the consistency of product density and size, improve product qualification rate.

★ high degree of automation, reduce the human - digital control molding process, two people can complete the weighing on the material, forming a brick and all other processes.

★ easy to operate, easy to learn - one-button operation, no skilled press operator.

★ efficient energy-saving, overload capacity - to combat the motor when the start, feeding, brick, clean the mold when the motor downtime, CNC Press Brake Machine no power consumption, more than 60% of the friction press power; servo motor starting current is small, Impact; allowable load for the nominal pressure of 2 times, to expand the use.

★ smooth operation, can achieve even hammer blow - servo motor running smoothly, especially when the low speed without vibration, torque; fast response, CNC Press Brake Machine from the static acceleration to reach the rated speed of time is very short, to achieve even hammer blow.

★ high safety, no bottom dead center - mechanical and electrical double brake protection, the servo motor to lose voltage, immediately stop the brake; press the emergency stop button at any time, the slider will rise to the top deadline to reduce security incidents; Structure without bottom dead center, there is no boring car phenomenon.

★ transmission chain is short, simple structure, easy maintenance - frictionless discs, gearbox, etc., vulnerable consumables less post-maintenance convenience, maintenance costs are very low.

The permanent magnet synchronous servo motor used in CNC presses has the characteristics of high control precision, low frequency characteristics, stable torque characteristics, CNC Press Brake Machine strong overload capacity, smooth running performance and good speed response performance. It is more powerful than the motor running in other ways. For the smooth, accurate, safe, reliable and efficient.

CNC presses have the following unique advantages over other types of electric screw presses.

1.HLDS series of CNC presses using servo water-cooled motor drive, can achieve ultra-short stroke fast hit, double overload, long-term operation without temperature rise, maintenance-free, more energy-efficient.

2.HLDS series of CNC presses using servo drive controller, precise control of brick thickness, fast response, run more smoothly.

3.HLDS series CNC presses have automatic oil, butter independent lubrication system, with oil shortage alarm device, to achieve maintenance-free, to ensure the healthy operation of equipment, increase equipment life and reduce maintenance costs.