CNC Press Structure Is Simple

CNC presses are mainly used for automotive brake pads and clutch plate hot forming, can also be used for multi-layer small tire mold hot pressing. As the multi-layer at the same time to suppress, the operator standing on the lifting table up and down the workpiece, CNC Press Brake Machine so the work efficiency, versatility, easy operation, reliable work. With independent power mechanism and electrical control system, the use of PLC system control, can achieve two automatic cycle mode, today Tengzhou is still the size of the NC press on the safety of operating safety precautions for everyone to introduce a brief two.

1, CNC press operator must be trained to master the equipment performance and operational skills before they can operate independently.

2, before the operation, you should first clean up the mold on a variety of debris, CNC Press Brake Machine wipe the hydraulic pole on any dirt.

3, CNC press installation mold must be carried out in the case of power off, prohibit the collision start button, handle and foot on the foot switch.

4, installed up and down mold alignment, adjust the mold gap, do not allow unilateral deviation from the center, to confirm the fixed mold after the test pressure.

5, CNC press work before the first start the device idle 5 minutes, CNC Press Brake Machine while checking the fuel tank is sufficient, the pump sound is normal, hydraulic units and pipes, joints, the piston is leaked.

6, start the device pressure test, check whether the pressure to work pressure, equipment, action is reliable, with or without leakage.

CNC presses sub-spiral CNC presses, crank CNC presses and hydraulic press three categories. Crank CNC presses, also known as mechanical CNC presses.

CNC presses by the motor drive mechanism to drive the work of the workpiece to apply the work force. Transmission mechanism for the belt drive, gear drive reduction mechanism; working mechanism sub-screw mechanism, CNC Press Brake Machine crank connecting rod mechanism and hydraulic cylinder.

The lower part of the CNC press is equipped with a forging device. Spiral CNC presses both forging hammer, mechanical CNC presses and other forging machine role, versatile, can be used for forging, punching, drawing and other processes. In addition, the spiral numerical control press structure is simple, easy to manufacture, so widely used.