CNC Presses Produce High Efficiency

CNC presses are a sophisticated and versatile production equipment. With a wide range of uses, high production efficiency, CNC presses can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, CNC Press Brake Machine riveting and forming processes. It plays an important role in the processing line.

CNC presses by the motor drive mechanism to drive the working mechanism, the work of the workpiece force. Transmission mechanism for the belt drive, gear drive slowdown mechanism; working mechanism sub-screw mechanism, CNC Press Brake Machine crank connecting rod mechanism and hydraulic cylinder.

CNC presses sub-spiral CNC presses, crank CNC presses and hydraulic press three categories. Crank CNC presses, also known as mechanical CNC presses.

Spiral CNC presses without fixed bottom dead center, the larger die forging, you can hit the shape several times, you can singles, even playing and jog. Strike force and the amount of deformation of the workpiece, the deformation of a large impact when the small, small deformation (such as cold) when the combat force. In these respects, it is similar to a forging hammer. But its impact is closed through the rack, so the work is smooth, vibration is much smaller than the forging hammer, do not need a lot of foundation.

The lower part of the CNC press is equipped with a forging device. Spiral CNC presses both forging hammer, mechanical CNC presses and other forging machinery role, versatile, CNC Press Brake Machine can be used for forging, punching, drawing and other processes. In addition, the spiral CNC press structure is simple, easy to manufacture, so widely used.

CNC presses are easy to operate, easy to maintain, reduce part of the excess parts to improve the speed of the product, reducing the maintenance of the frequency and cost.

CNC operation to ensure that the product specifications, size, CNC Press Brake Machine slider combat and combat energy, size can guarantee the same.

CNC CNC presses can be used outside the machine stripping, more to ensure the safety of the operator's personal. In addition, according to customer needs, additional safety grating, safety grating can quickly determine whether there is a foreign body under the slider, greatly enhance the safety of the device.