CNC Presses Running Smoothly

CNC press working principle: the use of the hob to synchronize the engagement to achieve the tooth surface, while the use of skateboards to achieve the synchronization of the linkage movement. CNC Press Brake Machine Only spun or helical gears can be machined.

Operating procedures:

1, is strictly prohibited super performance machine.

2, prohibited in the machine tool rail surface, paint the surface of the items placed.

3, the gear blanks must be firmly installed on the mandrel, CNC Press Brake Machine such as the placement of multiple blanks at the same time, the end of the surface should be close together, the contact surface shall not have debris.

4, the hob pole installed on the spindle, with the pole fastening bolts fixed; hob mounted, and then the rear bearing installed, pressed with a pressure plate, and finally the hob fastening.

5, when the roll out of different helix angle, CNC Press Brake Machine the knife angle plate should be fastened after moving.

CNC press is imported from the 80's products, its function is the chess pressure ceramic tile, with high production efficiency, stable and reliable control, easy to operate and so on. In the control mode, the use of temperature, pressure sensing, fault detection display, the working parameters of man-machine dialogue settings correction and other more advanced means.

CNC press is the use of CNC technology to work the press. CNC Press Brake Machine It is controlled by the digital program, so that the input operation instructions to generate micro-instructions, sent to the servo drive device to drive the press to run.

At this stage has been available CNC presses, mainly used in refractory molding processing servo drive electric screw press. Nominal pressure of the smallest 30T, up to 1600T.

CNC presses are moving and working in two modes, the jogging state can be slow on the jog, the next move, in the mold, try to use the model; work state, after receiving the start signal to complete the pre-set strike speed , Hit the number of times, and then stop working, the parts out, and then wait for the next start signal.

CNC presses hit speed, frequency, force stalls, CNC Press Brake Machine time and other specific parameters can be pre-set through the touch screen, the servo motor to receive instructions to drive the mechanical part of the scheduled process. The servo motor has the characteristics of high control precision, low frequency characteristic, stable frequency characteristic, strong overload capacity, smooth running performance and good speed response performance. CNC Press Brake Machine It is more stable, accurate, safe and reliable than the motor running in other ways.

CNC presses in the configuration there are password system, operating instructions, fault records, troubleshooting guidelines, a high degree of automation, easy to use. With the motor brake, CNC Press Brake Machine mechanical brake dual braking function, with infrared grating security protection, and effectively protect the press operation of the production safety. Due to the characteristics of the servo motor used in the numerical control press, there is basically no energy consumption in the non-combat operation, so it is very environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and it is the development trend of the production and application of the press equipment.