CNC Presses Safe And Reliable High Efficiency

CNC presses can be precision instruments, electronics, Xintai Ming bearings, bushings pumps, turbochargers, gearboxes, gears and other pressing equipment, automotive shock absorber assembly, precision bearings, bushings, auto parts, pumps, Turbochargers, transmissions, gears, chassis parts, rear axles, subframe bushing and other machinery.

CNC presses from the arcuate frame, stamping slider, operating table, CNC Press Brake Machine the four guide column, the main cylinder, proportional hydraulic system, servo electrical systems, pressure sensors, piping and other components.

CNC press strength. Because the press output pressure is proportional to the angular velocity of the screw, the servo motor is in line with this feature.

CNC press refers to the use of CNC technology to work presses. It through the digital program control, the input operating instructions to generate microscopic instructions, CNC Press Brake Machine sent to the servo drive, driven press operation.

At this stage has been available CNC press, mainly used in refractory material forming servo drive electric screw press. Nominal pressure minimum 30T, up to 1600T.

CNC press a little move and work in two modes, jog state can move slowly under, jog, in the mold, test mode use; working state, after receiving the start signal to complete the pre-set strike speed , CNC Press Brake Machine Hit the number of times, and then stop working, will be the top parts, and then wait for the next start signal.

The specific parameters such as the speed, number of times, gear position and time of the CNC press blow can be preset through the touch screen, and the servo motor drives the mechanical part to complete the predetermined program after receiving the instruction. Servo motor has the characteristics of high control accuracy, low frequency characteristic, stable frequency and frequency characteristics, CNC Press Brake Machine

、 strong overload capacity, stable running performance and good speed response performance. It is more stable, accurate, safe, reliable and efficient than the motor with other methods.

CNC press in the configuration there are password system, operating instructions, fault records, troubleshooting guidelines, high degree of automation, ease of use. With motor braking, mechanical brake dual braking function, with infrared grating safety protection, and effectively protect the production of press operation safety. Due to the characteristics of CNC servo motor used in press, CNC Press Brake Machine non-striking operation, basically no power consumption, so very environmentally friendly energy saving, press equipment production and application of the development trend.