High Efficiency And Energy Saving Of CNC Press

Numerical Control press is a kind of electric screw press. By structure, flywheel, screw nut, slider, smooth mechanism, braking mechanism and other mechanical parts and servo motor, automatic pressure machine electrical control cabinets, Operation button station, such as electrical parts. CNC Press Operating principle is that after the servo control system to the motor issued instructions, CNC Press Brake Machine the motor launched when driving the flywheel to promote the screw rotation movement, from the rotation to the upper and lower reciprocating movement, the end of the impact movement, impact strength, speed, CNC Press Brake Machine frequency and so on is the digital order of precision control. Operation Bento.

Numerical Control press is a kind of electric screw press. By the frame, flywheel, screw nut, slider, smooth organization, braking organization and other mechanical parts and servo motor, electrical control cabinet, Operation button Station and other electrical parts. High efficiency energy saving, CNC Press Brake Machine strong overload capacity-the motor starts when the impact is formed, on the material, out of the brick, cleaning the mold when the motor downtime, no power consumption, than the resistance to save more than 60% of the pressure machine; CNC Press Brake Machine servo motor with small current, aluminum products edge to the power grid without impact, the allowable load of twice times the nominal pressure, extended use. Mechanical and electrical two-layer braking maintenance, servo motor loses voltage, immediately stop the brake; Press the emergency stop button at any time, the slider will rise to the top stop point, reduce the safety accident;

Permanent magnet Synchronous servo motor for CNC Press with high control precision, low frequency characteristics, good torque and frequency characteristics, automatic pressure machine overload ability, CNC Press Brake Machine smooth running function, speed echo function and other characteristics, than the use of other methods of work of the motor more stable, accurate, servo pressure machine safe and reliable power high. CNC Press has been published, two-disc resistance presses as a versatile and strong pressure machine, CNC Press Brake Machine pressure processing of various occupations widely used. has a wide range of uses, high power production characteristics, press can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, winding, riveting and forming technology. By exerting strong pressure on the metal billet, the metal is deformed and broken to be machined into parts.

CNC Press Working principle: the use of hob synchronous meshing to achieve the tooth surface, at the same time using the slide down to achieve synchronized movement. CNC Press Brake Machine Only straight gears or helical gears can be machined. Operation´╝Ü

1, strictly prohibit the use of machine tools.

2, prohibit in the machine tool's guide surface, the paint surface place the article.

3, the gear blanks must be firmly installed on the heart axis, CNC Press Brake Machine such as the simultaneous placement of many pieces of blank, the end of the face should be close to each other, no debris between the contact surface.

4. When the hob rod is mounted on the spindle, CNC Press Brake Machine it is fastened with a tool rod fastening bolt, and after the hob is installed, the rear bearing is mounted, pressed with the platen, and finally the hob is fastened.

5, when the roll cutting different helix angle, the turret angle plate should be fastened after moving.