High Production Efficiency Of CNC Presses

CNC Press is introduced from Italy in the 80 's products, its function is molded ceramic tile, with high production efficiency, stable and reliable control, easy to operate and so on.

Simple structure, easy to operate, easy to maintain, CNC Press Brake Machine reduce part of spare parts to improve product rotation speed, reduce maintenance frequency and cost.

Consistent specifications, CNC control, CNC operation to ensure that the product specifications, size, slider of the Strike Force and combat energy, size can be guaranteed consistent.

Compared with the traditional production mode, CNC Press Brake Machine the efficiency of the CNC presses is more outstanding, saving energy and reducing the system energy consumption by about 60%.

CNC Press machine can be used outside the demoulding, more can ensure the safety of the operator. In addition, according to customer demand, additional safety grating, CNC Press Brake Machine safety grating can quickly determine whether there is a foreign body under the slider. Greatly improve the security of the device.

Performance characteristics of CNC Press

CNC Press Working principle: the use of hob synchronous meshing to achieve the tooth surface, at the same time using the slide down to achieve synchronized movement. Only straight gears or helical gears can be machined.

CNC Press Operation:

1, strictly prohibit the use of machine tools.

2, prohibit in the machine tool's guide surface, the paint surface place the article.

3, the gear blanks must be firmly installed on the heart axis, CNC Press Brake Machine such as the simultaneous placement of many pieces of blank, the end of the face should be close to each other, no debris between the contact surface.

4. When the hob rod is mounted on the spindle, it is fastened with a tool rod fastening bolt, and after the hob is installed, the rear bearing is mounted, pressed with the platen, CNC Press Brake Machine and finally the hob is fastened.

5, when the roll cutting different helix angle, the turret angle plate should be fastened after moving.