High Punching Efficiency Of CNC Punching Machine

Characteristics of CNC Punching machine

1 The use of imported PLC control system, industrial-grade colorful LCD touch-screen communication servo motor and drive, import linear guide and precision ball screws, universal ball or Brush board table and other high-end equipment;

22-D coordinates can be manually adjusted for high, low-speed movement, CNC Punch Machine relative to 0 point programming, active back to 0, two-axis linkage;

3 Direct Input Digital programming, select Panel or long-distance control

4 quality stability, reliable function, simple operation, safe and efficient.

Then tell us the characteristics of the CNC punching machine

1 CNC Punching machine uses the lever principle, the Silk Pole application force, CNC Punch Machine the operation convenient labor-saving, the punching efficiency is high, CNC Punch Machine the punching hole only needs 20-30 seconds;

2 CNC Punching Machine main Force head selection ultra-high strength alloy steel manufacturing, light weight, with convenience;

3 CNC Punching mechanism is simple, convenient maintenance.

CNC Punching machine with environmental protection, small footprint and other characteristics. Together with the loading and unloading mold structure, and then make the change of the operation is more simple, easy, ordinary workers will be able to end the replacement mode, and then no longer the total demand chef talent Exchange model, and then cut your labor costs.

1. CNC Punching machine is composed of frame, mould, CNC Punch Machine punching power arrangement, oil pressure, electric control system and so on.

2, Rack: The fuselage is welded by the profile, including the toolbox, electric box, oil tank as a whole. Parts of the equipment according to the practice of the operation of the necessary processing, in order to satisfy the components with satisfactory anti-vibration function.

3, mold: Mold with scale, convenient direct reading, can be arbitrary debugging punching half hole or full hole, flush the mouth flat, positioning quasi. CNC Punch Machine can produce a variety of new diamond, plum tube, round tube, such as square tube.

4, Fang pipe punching machine punching power arrangement: is by the Taiwan manufacturers stroke punching cylinder, motor, oil pump, electronic valve composition.

5, CNC Punching machine electronic components equipment in line with the relevant provisions of the enterprise, the computer board in the electric box 0 trigger point equipment, CNC Punch Machine the use of transformer protection circuit, so that pedal switch circuit node, trace loss, durable

6, CNC Punching machine circuit control system with automatic, each other self-locking function.

CNC Punching Machine Operating characteristics maybe the motor power is very important equipment, CNC Punch Machine the key consideration of its safety function, all parts of the operation as far as possible to reach the effect of reducing the labor intensity of workers, to escape the risk of safety accidents.