High Strength Of Aviation Obstacle Lamp Structure

The aviation obstacle lamp is a kind of special lamp which identifies the obstacle, also is called the Aid navigation light equipment. The high air barrier lamp is mounted above the obstacle above 150 meters above the surrounding ground.

The air barrier lamp uses the UV-resistant PC material lampshade, has the high 90% above the transparency, has the strong impact and the excellent adaptability to the harsh environment. SUS304 Stainless steel box, Aviation Obstruction Light tempered glass out of the smooth, high strength structure, corrosion resistance. The aero-barrier lamp uses the optical design of the parabolic reflector, Aviation Obstruction Light the range is far and the angle is more accurate. Imported Xenon lamp source, long life (up to 100 million times), low power consumption, high brightness. Based on single chip computer control, the controller controls the same frequency flash work. The power supply voltage sync signal level, integrated in the power cable, eliminates the damage caused by the wrong installation. Aviation Obstruction Light The light intensity level of lamps and lanterns is automatically controlled by the photosensitive probe which accords with the natural daylight spectrum curve. Internal belt surge devices, Aviation Obstruction Light circuit work more reliable. The integral structure, the protection grade reaches IP65. Flammability level $literal, suitable for various industrial occasions.

The purchase of the aviation obstacle lamp, need to pay attention to the following several aspects:

First: Whether the aviation barrier lamp has the civil aviation permit. The production of aviation obstacle lamp should be strictly controlled, therefore, whether the manufacturer of aviation obstacle lamp has the strength of developing and producing obstacle lamp, Aviation Obstruction Light which is the congenital factor of determining the quality of aviation obstacle lamp. And with research and development of the production of obstacles to the enterprise, Civil Aviation Bureau will give a certification certificate.

Second: Barrier lamp packaging, any opinion products factory must do a thing---packaging. Therefore, we can also use the barrier lamp packaging to determine whether the selection of good air barrier lights. Aviation Obstruction Light Regular manufacturers of packaging has its own brand, LOGO, carton clean and tidy, no unpacking traces, through the naked eye can be judged whether after two times packaging.

Third: The basic parameters of the barrier lamp. The technical parameter is a description of the related technical parameters of an aviation obstacle lamp. However, for the layman, Aviation Obstruction Light many technical parameters do not understand its meaning, but by identifying some simple parameters can also see the quality of the product: such as waterproof grade, dust level, impact resistance, working temperature and so on.

Air barrier lights are divided into solar power supply and AC 220V supply according to the power supply mode. The control mode can be divided into GPS satellite wireless control, Aviation Obstruction Light single flash control and multiple flash control. According to optical power supply effective light can be divided into light intensity, high, low barrier lamp. According to the lighting color can be divided into red, white two kinds. Flash frequency commonly has 60 times/, 40 times/, 10 times/And so on.