Installation Height Of Aviation Obstacle Lamp

Air barrier lights are required to be mounted through an air barrier lamp to fix a barrier lamp over an obstruction, not simply to lock the air barrier light on the cement floor or other material such as a daughter's wall.

The air barrier lamp bracket is designed according to the site construction environment and the material reference of the installation material, cannot achieve a barrier lamp bracket to be suitable for all obstacles. Therefore, after the establishment of a good selection of aviation barrier lights, Aviation Obstruction Light the need to provide the site of the relevant CAD design drawings (generally elevation, node and view), according to the drawings provided, the relevant technicians can design a suitable barrier lamp bracket.

Air barrier lamp bracket can be divided into upright mounting bracket, upright mounting bracket is more commonly used, more suitable for top/vertex installation of aero-barrier lights. Aviation Obstruction Light Side vertical mounting bracket, the more suitable for the aviation obstacle lamp installs in the external wall. The hoop-mounted mounting bracket is more suitable for cylindrical obstructions.

Aviation Obstacle Lamp Classification

The obstacle sign lamp generally divides into the low light intensity, the medium light strong and the high three kinds, the obstacle sign lamp vertical and the horizontal distance is larger than 45 meters construction and the facility, may the three kinds of barrier sign lamp may cooperate with each other to use.

90 meters above the ground building and its facilities: the use of light intensity barrier lights for the red flash, flash frequency should be between 20-60 times per minute, the flash of effective light intensity is not less than 1600CD, or use the Red high barrier sign lamp, make its flash effect more obvious. 150 meters above the ground building and its facilities, the use of high barrier sign lamp and must be a white flash, flash frequency should be 20-70 times per minute, effective light intensity with the background brightness.

Air Barrier Light distribution

The air barrier lamp shall be set up to mark the highest point and the edge (that is, view height and width) of the barrier, middle-tier spacing must not be greater than 45 meters, Aviation Obstruction Light the city of more than hundred meters high buildings in particular to consider the middle layer to add barriers to the vertical and horizontal distance of the lamp is not greater than 45 meters (that is, if the top of the object above its ground 45 meters above, must be in the middle of the

For chimneys or other buildings of a similar nature, the top barrier sign lamp shall be located at the top 1.5-3 m, and, given the pollution of the chimney against the luminaire, Aviation Obstruction Light the barrier lamp may be located at a position of 4-6 metres below the chimney mouth.

The ultra-high object above 150 meters should be used in conjunction with the high obstruction sign lamp.

For less than 150 meters high high-voltage transmission cable, the tower can be set at the top of the white light in the light intensity barrier indicator light.

No matter which kind of obstacle signs the lamp, its in the different height barrier sign lamp number and the arrangement, should be able to see the object or the object "the group contour" from each aspect, and considers the obstacle sign lamp the simultaneous and the order flashing, Aviation Obstruction Light achieves the obvious warning effect.