Installation Height Of Aviation Obstacle Lamp

The purchase of the aviation obstacle lamp, need to pay attention to the following several aspects:

First: Whether the aviation barrier lamp has the civil aviation permit. The production of aviation obstacle lamp should be strictly controlled, therefore, whether the manufacturer of aviation obstacle lamp has the strength of developing and producing obstacle lamp, which is the congenital factor of determining the quality of aviation obstacle lamp.

Second: Barrier lamp packaging, Aviation Obstruction Light any opinion products factory must do a thing---packaging. Therefore, we can also use the barrier lamp packaging to determine whether the selection of good air barrier lights. Regular manufacturers of packaging has its own brand, LOGO, carton clean and tidy, no unpacking traces, through the naked eye can be judged whether after two times packaging.

Third: The basic parameters of the barrier lamp. The technical parameter is a description of the related technical parameters of an aviation obstacle lamp. However, for the layman, many technical parameters do not understand its meaning, but by identifying some simple parameters can also see the quality of the product: such as waterproof grade, dust level, impact resistance, Aviation Obstruction Light working temperature and so on.

Generally speaking, the choice of the obstacle lamp is best to purchase through the regular enterprise. However, this does not mean that regular manufacturers of aviation barriers to the production of lights must be good, after all, no matter what kind of products or which production enterprises, defective or will exist.

In accordance with the relevant provisions of ICAO Annex 14, aviation barrier lights are an important tool for warning of flight safety lighting and need to be placed on obstacles that may affect pilots ' flight. According to the use of countries, its basic applications in civilian airports, helicopters, towers, chimneys, ports, bridges, TV towers, power plants and urban high-rise buildings and other fields. Aviation Obstacle Lamp Maintenance small knowledge: The aviation obstacle lamp is in order to identify the obstacle the visual width and the visible high special civil airport lamp. Therefore, its installation location and installation height are at the height of obstacles, Aviation Obstruction Light the follow-up maintenance has a great impact. The minimum installation height of the obstacle lamp is also about 45 meters, the tallest high obstacle lamp needs to be above the obstacle of 150 meters or above, therefore, its maintenance is relatively high cost, wasting time and energy. Most of its maintenance for the lamp aging or the quality of the lamp itself caused by the failure of the product, in the early days of the purchase of aviation barriers, Aviation Obstruction Light the need for aviation barriers to the brand, the strength of manufacturers to investigate, so as not to buy counterfeit shoddy products. In a word, the maintenance of aviation barrier lights or to buy aviation barriers in the early days of the brand enough energy and time, otherwise, follow-up maintenance will be quite a lot and trouble.