NC Shearing Machine Is Widely Used

NC Shearing machine refers to digital, text and symbols composed of digital instructions to achieve a CNC shearing machine or multiple CNC Shearing Machine equipment Action control technology. NC Shearing machine is generally used or dedicated computer to achieve digital program control, it is usually controlled by the location, NC shearing machine angle, speed and other mechanical capacity and mechanical energy flow to the switch. The production of NC shearing machine depends on the appearance of data carrier and binary form data operation.

Performance characteristics: Forced positioning accurate, worm gear transmission, light rod wire rod concentric, noiseless structure and characteristics: the use of steel plate welding structure, hydraulic transmission, accumulator return, easy to operate, reliable performance, beautiful appearance.

CNC Shearing Machine is a machine tool equipment, generally used hydraulic drive, the performance of safe and reliable, and easy to operate, so the application is very extensive, CNC Shearing Machine especially in the metal recycling processing plants, scrap car dismantling field and smelting foundry industry, especially applicable to all kinds of steel and metal materials can be cut, suppressing flanging, or the material to suppress molding operations, the following describes its characteristics and the use of attention, as follows.

First, the characteristics of CNC Shearing machine:

1. The motor adopts programmable controller according to the demand.

2. The hydraulic system uses the advanced cartridge valve or the slide valve system control, implements the button centralism operation the NC shearing machine.

3. The pressure, speed and stroke can be adjusted according to the process needs, CNC Shearing Machine and can be completed by pressing molding and shaping two kinds of process.

Second, the use of CNC shearing Machine Note:

1. Without learning, do not understand the structure of CNC shearing machine, performance and operating procedures should not be allowed to activate the machine.

2. CNC Shearing Machine Lubrication Department should be required, CNC Shearing Machine each class at least add a lubricating oil.

3. Add the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank, should strictly use the high quality anti-wear hydraulic oil, must pass through the strict filtration, CNC Shearing Machine and should maintain the sufficient oil quantity frequently, when insufficiency should raise the oil liquid immediately.

4. The fuel tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil once a year, but the first cleaning filter oil can not be more than one months, the use of a new oil after strict filtration to allow again.

5. When there is a serious leakage of oil or abnormal phenomenon in the work, CNC Shearing Machine should immediately stop, analysis of the cause and troubleshooting, not forced to run the disease.

6. CNC Shearing machine In the operation or packaging process, not to repair or touch the movement of the hand parts, prohibit the use of hands or feet in the material box pressure material.

7. Pumps, valves, pressure gauges to adjust, must have experienced technical workers to carry out, such as the discovery of the pressure gauge failure, CNC Shearing Machine should immediately check or update the table.