Operating Procedures For CNC Presses

CNC Press is introduced from Italy in the 80 's products, its function is molded ceramic tile, with high production efficiency, stable and reliable control, easy to operate and so on.

CNC Press Working principle: the use of hob synchronous meshing to achieve the tooth surface, at the same time using the slide down to achieve synchronized movement. CNC Press Brake Machine Only straight gears or helical gears can be machined.

CNC Press Brake Machine Operation´╝Ü

1, strictly prohibit the use of machine tools.

2, prohibit in the machine tool's guide surface, the paint surface place the article.

3, the gear blanks must be firmly installed on the heart axis, such as the simultaneous placement of many pieces of blank, the end of the face should be close to each other, CNC Press Brake Machine no debris between the contact surface.

4. When the hob rod is mounted on the spindle, it is fastened with a tool rod fastening bolt, and after the hob is installed, the rear bearing is mounted, pressed with the platen, and finally the hob is fastened.

5, when the roll cutting different helix angle, CNC Press Brake Machine the turret angle plate should be fastened after moving.

Numerical control presses are used to process the forming of materials. We use the material products are made of a certain shape of materials, CNC presses are materials used for forming equipment.

Numerical Control press is divided into main motion NC and feed motion NC.

Numerical Control Press main movement numerical control by branch of the switch reluctance servo motor drive, the realization of direct motor CNC Press, with high efficiency energy saving, CNC Press Brake Machine intelligent numerical control characteristics.

CNC Press is a kind of compact and versatile numerical control press. With a wide range of uses, high production efficiency characteristics, CNC Press can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, CNC Press Brake Machine riveting and forming processes. The metal plastic deformation and fracture are machined into parts by exerting strong pressure on the metal billet parts.

CNC press work by the motor through the V Drive large belt pulley (usually used as a flywheel), after the gear pair and clutch drive crank slider mechanism, so that the slider and convex die straight down. CNC presses in the forging work after the completion of the sliding block, the clutch automatically off, and the crank shaft of the automatic on, so that the slider stop near the upper stop point.