Stable Operation Performance Of CNC Press

Numerical Control press is divided into main motion NC and feed motion NC.

Numerical Control Press main movement numerical control by branch of the switch reluctance servo motor drive, the realization of direct motor CNC Press, with high efficiency energy saving, intelligent numerical control characteristics.

CNC presses from the rack, nose, workbench, push Rod, Xin Tai Ming platen, servo motor, motor controller, deceleration drive, brakes, position sensors, programmable controller, touch screen, work mechanism, supporting agencies and so on.

CNC Press is introduced from Italy in the 80 's products, CNC Press Brake Machine its function is molded ceramic tile, with high production efficiency, stable and reliable control, CNC Press Brake Machine easy to operate and so on. In the control mode, the use of temperature, pressure sensor, fault detection and display, working parameters of Man-machine dialogue settings and other advanced means. First, the control system composed of the overall structure of the control system as shown in Figure 1. The system is based on 6809 chip CPU control.

CNC Press has achieved digital control, complete simulation of manual operation, the process can be at any time (many times) exhaust, two times to feed, the digital setting to combat strength, CNC Press Brake Machine you can achieve first light play, after the fight, to eliminate air, improve product quality. The same batch of brick process parameters to ensure that the product volume density and size uniformity, CNC Press Brake Machine the passing rate greatly improved, is porous brick, special shaped brick best choice.

CNC presses have electrical double protection, do not worry about the power outage caused personnel safety concerns, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents!

CNC Pressure machine is the use of CNC technology to work with the press. Through the Digital program control, the input operation instruction is processed to generate microscopic instruction, CNC Press Brake Machine which is transmitted to the servo drive device, which drives the press to run.

At present, the market has been marketed numerically controlled presses, mainly used in the processing of refractories molding servo-driven electric screw press. The nominal pressure is minimum 30T, the maximum is up to 1600T.

Numerical control presses a bit to move and work two kinds of mode, under the condition of the point moving, it can be used in the mode of adjustment and the test mode, when the working state is done, CNC Press Brake Machine after receiving the starting signal, the hitting speed and the number of blows are preset, then the work will be stopped, the workpiece can be topped out, and then the next start signal is waiting.

Numerical control presses the speed, the frequency, the force stalls, the time and so on the concrete parameter can carry on the preset through the touchscreen, the servo motor receives the instruction to drive the mechanical part to complete the predetermined procedure. Servo motor has the characteristics of high control precision, low frequency characteristic, stable moment frequency characteristic, strong overload ability, CNC Press Brake Machine stable running performance and good speed response performance, which is more stable, accurate and safe, reliable and efficient than other modes of operation.

Numerical control presses in the configuration also has the password system, the operation instruction, the fault record, the fault processing guide and so on, the automation degree is high, facilitates the use. With motor braking, mechanical braking dual braking function, with the infrared grating protection function, CNC Press Brake Machine to ensure that the pressure machine operation in the production safety. Because of the characteristics of the servo motor used in the CNC press, there is basically no energy consumption in the non blow operation, so it is very environmental protection and energy saving, which is the development trend of the production and application of the press equipment.