The Numerical Control Presses The High Production Efficiency The Characteristic

Numerical Control press is a kind of electric screw press. By structure, flywheel, screw nut, slider, smooth mechanism, braking mechanism and other mechanical parts and servo motor, automatic pressure machine electrical control cabinets, Operation button station, such as electrical parts. CNC Press Operating principle is that after the servo control system to the motor issued instructions, CNC Press Brake Machine the motor launched when driving the flywheel to promote the screw rotation movement, from the rotation to the upper and lower reciprocating movement, the end of the impact movement, impact strength, speed, frequency and so on is the digital order of precision control. Operation Bento.

Easy to learn-one-button operation, no need for skilled press operator. High efficiency energy saving, strong overload capacity-the motor starts when the impact is formed, CNC Press Brake Machine pipeline hydraulic press servo press on the material, out of the brick, cleaning the mold when the motor downtime, no power consumption, than the resistance of the press to save more than 60%; the servo motor has small current, no impact on the power grid, the allowable load is twice times the nominal pressure, and the expansion is useful. Stable work, can complete the impact of the hammer-servo motor smooth performance, especially at low speed without oscillation, large torque; CNC Press Brake Machine the echo speed is very short and can be completed with a hammer impact from the stop speed. High safety, no lower dead-mechanical and electrical double braking maintenance.

CNC Press is introduced from Italy in the 80 's products, its function is molded ceramic tile, with high production efficiency, stable and reliable control, easy to operate and so on. In the control mode, the use of temperature, pressure sensor, fault detection and display, CNC Press Brake Machine working parameters of Man-machine dialogue settings and other advanced means.

Numerical control presses use touch screen as data input and data display. The upper and lower limits of the displacement and pressure can be preset to compare with the current pressure, CNC Press Brake Machine and input any pressing position, then the interference resistance caused by the position in the last press is obtained.