The Operation Of NC Shearing Machine Is Stable And Reliable

The NC shearing machine is driven by the hydraulic system, so what is the function of the control valve in the hydraulic system?

NC Shearing Machine Control valve mainly in the hydraulic transmission system to control the direction of the liquid, flow and pressure. wherein the control On-off and flow direction control valve, control liquid flow is the flow control valve, control pressure called pressure control valve. NC Shearing machine, CNC Shearing Machine each control valve will have a different use, they through a combination of different ways to form a CNC Shearing machine control system, stable and reliable operation.

The inverter in the NC Shearing machine not only allows the machine to rotate stably within a very high speed range, but also allows the machine to slow down or even stop, CNC Shearing Machine without compromising the parts of the machine. Usually from a higher speed to a low-speed conversion requires a process, otherwise it will increase the friction between the gears, CNC Shearing Machine so that the gear is more serious damage, and the inverter will be very good for this problem to adjust, so that the machine has a strong buffer, in this force will not have a great wear and tear, Can quickly reduce the speed of operation or even stop.

CNC Shearing Machine Use and performance characteristics:

Performance characteristics: Forced positioning accurate, worm gear transmission, light rod wire rod concentric, noiseless structure and characteristics: the use of steel plate welding structure, hydraulic transmission, accumulator return, easy to operate, reliable performance, beautiful appearance

The blade clearance adjustment has the indication sign, CNC Shearing Machine adjusts lightly quickly. Equipped with light alignment device, and can stepless adjust the travel volume of the turret (optional)

Using fence type personal safety protection device

A digital display device for the size and frequency of the rear retaining material

Hydraulic transmission, pendulum turret. The overall welding of the rack is durable, CNC Shearing Machine and the use of the accumulator oil cylinder return, smooth and rapid.

With stepless adjustment stroke function, the upper and lower blade clearance amount with the handle adjustment, blade clearance uniformity is easy to adjust.

The protective gate and the electric interlock ensure the safety of operation.

CNC CNC system and position encoder composed of closed-loop control system, fast speed, high precision, good stability, CNC Shearing Machine can accurately guarantee the displacement dimension precision, and CNC system with compensation function and automatic detection and other additional functions.