The Role Of Aviation Obstruction Lights

The role of the aviation obstruction light is to show the contours of the structure, so that the aircraft operator can determine the height of the obstacles and contours, play a warning role.

Now with the increasing population, the land is more expensive than gold, especially in the first-tier cities inside, that the tall buildings can be described as a taller than a tall, is to make full use of land. The higher the floor will be more to the evening travel aircraft, especially civil aircraft caused a certain threat. So the aviation obstruction lights appeared, to solve these threats. But the quality of the light will not play these effects Oh, Aviation Obstruction Light the following let Xiaobian teach you, in order to buy good quality aviation obstruction lights need to pay attention to what?

First: whether the aviation obstruction lights have civil aviation license. The production of aviation obstruction lights to undergo a rigorous checks, after the manufacture of a good sample inspection will be carried out, etc., therefore, the aviation obstruction lights manufacturers have the strength of R & D and production of obstruction lights, which is to determine the quality of aviation obstruction lights Congenital factors.

Second: the barrier light packaging, any advice products factory will do one thing ---- packaging. However, there are some companies to use someone to withdraw from the product, after the re-packaging to sell, Aviation Obstruction Light so we need to block the package through the barrier to determine whether to pick a good aviation obstruction lights. Formal manufacturers in the high light-strong aviation barrier lights have their own brand, LOGO, medium and high light aviation obstruction light cartons clean and tidy, no opening traces, through the naked eye can determine whether the second package.

Third: the basic parameters of obstruction lights. The technical parameter is a description of the relevant technical parameters of the aviation obstruction light. However, Aviation Obstruction Light for the layman, many technical parameters do not understand its meaning, but by identifying some simple parameters can also see the product quality is good or bad: such as waterproof rating, dust level, impact resistance, operating temperature, light Flash frequency and so on.

Fourth: perfect after-sales service and consulting. The production of aviation obstruction lights to go through a strict level, even after completion, will take a sample inspection, but still can not avoid a small part of the flawed products, then manufacturers have perfect after-sales service, we can save a lot The trouble, and even can be returned to wait and so on.

Air obstruction lights, also known as navigational lighting equipment is a special indicator of obstruction signs, aviation obstruction lights is the navigation lights lighting industry, its role is to prevent low-flying aircraft (including helicopters) at night flight hit high-rise buildings The Especially with the increase in population, the land is getting more expensive, in order to make full use of land, people will build a high building. But the low-flying aircraft in the evening is difficult to see the buildings, and the flight speed is fast, Aviation Obstruction Light it is prone to collision incident.

In order to avoid low-flying aircraft in the night flight will hit high-rise buildings, people invented the aviation obstruction lights, aviation obstruction lights all for the safety of mankind, Aviation Obstruction Light so that night is no longer full of fear. In order to be different from the general purpose of the light, the aviation obstruction light is not always lit but shining, low light strong aviation obstruction light is always bright, medium light aviation obstruction light and high light strong aviation obstruction light flash, flash frequency is not Less than 20 times per minute, not more than 70 times per minute.

The distribution of the obstruction lights is, of course, distributed by the building, and the obstruction lights are set to mark the highest points and the most marginal of the obstacle, and remember that they should not be placed in the middle of the building, which will only give the airline staff the wrong information, Will only lead to collision incident. Of course, the installation of aviation obstruction lights have to pay attention not to cause trouble to the nearby residents, because this light is very strong, only in order to give a few kilometers away to see the message of the aircraft. Because this light is very strong, so if the installation is not appropriate, it is easy to cause great trouble to the nearby residents.