Working Principle Of CNC Press

Performance characteristics of CNC Press

Working principle: Using the synchronous meshing of the hob to realize the tooth surface, while using the sliding board to achieve synchronous motion. Only straight gears or helical gears can be machined. Operating Procedures: 1, strictly prohibit the use of machine tools. 2, CNC Press Brake Machine prohibit in the machine tool's guide surface, the paint surface place the article. 3, the gear blanks must be firmly installed on the heart axis, such as the simultaneous placement of many pieces of blank, the end of the face should be close to each other, CNC Press Brake Machine no debris between the contact surface. 4. When the hob rod is mounted on the spindle, it is fastened with a tool rod fastening bolt, and after the hob is installed, the rear bearing is mounted, pressed with the platen, and finally the hob is fastened. 5, when the roll cutting different helix angle, the turret angle plate should be fastened after moving.

CNC presses can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming processes. The metal plastic deformation and fracture are machined into parts by exerting strong pressure on the metal billet parts. Mechanical CNC Press work by the motor through the V Drive large belt pulley (usually used as a flywheel), CNC Press Brake Machine after the gear pair and clutch drive crank slider mechanism, so that the slider and convex die straight downward. Mechanical CNC Presses in the forging work after the completion of the sliding block, the clutch automatically off, and the crank shaft of the automatic on, so that the slider stop near the upper stop point.

CNC Press is a general equipment, refers to the mechanical pressure, through the energy conversion to achieve the pressure effect of the mechanical work tools, in fact, CNC Press Brake Machine the most important function of manpower from the heavy manual labor liberation, and then the manpower can not complete the pressure using mechanical principle to complete.

CNC presses now in the machinery industry inside the application is particularly extensive, it is precisely because of this, so in the use of the process, people continue to push the array of new, there are a lot of replacement products CNC Press came out, according to the different functions and needs, targeted to produce more accurate CNC presses and more simple and convenient CNC presses, a variety of new types of pressure equipment, more targeted, and functional more practical, according to the need to separate large and medium-sized, such as a variety of different types, so as to improve production efficiency at the same time , but also at different levels of increased cost utilization, so in mechanical production should be more extensive.

Working principle of CNC Press

The main working principle of the CNC press is to convert the existing energy into mechanical kinetic energy, to make the forming slider, and to finish the final work by the action of the slider on the working object.

Through the system of crank and slider mechanism, to promote the rotation of the motor, and in the process of rotation to promote the slider to carry out the reciprocating linear movement, CNC Press Brake Machine through such a movement, the effect on the billet, and then to the billet forming process, CNC presses belong to the forging function of a mechanical machine. Because the CNC press is the use of mechanical pressure so that the action tomorrow obvious jitter is very smooth, and the work is very reliable, so in the production practice panties widely used, especially in the manpower to achieve more difficult stamping or extrusion industry, CNC Press Brake Machine and other metallurgical work in the process of application is very extensive, it is precisely because of such practicality, so the production practice of mechanical CNC presses the most use, basically can point to the total of more than half, this is the principle of CNC presses.